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A huge Harriers welcome to the Harriers very own Sam Galvin @run_galvin_run who has notched up some pretty impressive running feats of late, including in late March 2023 completing 100 laps of the iconic @MCG and most recently completing the challenging and undulating Great Ocean Road (GOR) half marathon in a very impressive @21k 1:32:29 and (@23k 1:39:55) in horrendous 30+ k/m head winds and a little rain.

Thanks for joining me today Sam in the first of our relaunched “Beyond the singlet” members profile series, aiming to get to know our members and what makes them tick beyond the Harriers running kit.

How did you get into running?

During the first lockdown in the UK when myself and my housemate (who was trying to become a running influencer at the time) filled our time running marathons around the empty street of. Oxfordshire. This quickly escalated to running ultra marathons up to 100 miles long!

How did you come to join Richmond Harriers?

In my first week of living Australia I googled nearby running clubs. Richmond Harriers was the top of the list so I went along on a Wednesday night which was my 3rd day in Australia and I’ve not looked back since! 

You hail from (Milton Keynes, England) what have you found to be the biggest difference in running events in Australia?

I only ever did fun runs in the UK so it’s been fun to join in on some more competitive AV runs this year in Australia

What are you preferred running shoes (or currently wearing)?

I generally go by Neils reccomendations but I might try the Nike Vaporflys towards the end of this year!

However oneday I may be that guy running around with no shoes on…

Besides running, what other forms over exercise/physical activity do you enjoy?

I love cricket, and football (soccer) and have recently become a wannabe surfer. I’ve also started following the AFL which has been fun, but it did take me a year to stop calling a mark a catch!

What does a weekly training schedule currently look like for you?

My week generally consists of 4-5 easy 10ks and 1-2 interval/speed/race sessions and always a long 30k run in the hilly Dandenongs! It usually adds up to just under 100kms a week along side one strength session in the gym!

Favourite running distance/event?

My favourite distance to race is probably the Marathon but my favourite events are the Ultras!

Do you have a running idol/mentor you that inspires you?

Nick Butter who has run a marathon in every country in the world started my fascination with running and some of the experienced runners at Richmond Harriers have been great mentors to me since moving to Aus as well as being incredibly inspirational!

This can be a bit of a debated question in running circles…headphones or no headphones when running?

For runs home from work I’m always listening to podcasts or music but I’ve always loved long runs without headphones as the time seems to go quicker when I am just left to my thoughts.

If (yes) 3 songs we would find out your playlist?

Free – Florence and the Machine, Strangers – Mt Joy and Laps around the sun – Ziggy Alberts.

You are hosting a dinner party and who would be 5 guests you would invite (can be anyone)?

Bernie Sanders (American Politician- Senator for Vermont), The Hardest Geezer (currently running across Africa), Ben Stokes (England cricketer), Rickey Gervais (As David Brent from the Office) and Rich Roll (plant based ultra endurance athlete). 

Would be some night that!

What would be the main course at this dinner party?

Vegan Lasagna and chips

Running event or place in the world that is the top of your bucket list?

The comrades ultra marathon in South Africa is one that is definitely on the bucket list!

Do you have any target races coming up?

I’ll be going for a PB at the Melbourne running festival … unsure whether it will be in the half or full marathon though!

Cheers for joining us today Sam and stay tuned for the next member profile in June.

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